by Dr. Devin Shoquist

Q: I feel like I get angry way too often. What I can do about this?

A: The first thing to understand is that anger is a natural and normal emotion, and should not always be thought of as a negative thing. However, if it becomes more constant and out of control it can definitely lead to problems in your life.

The second thing to understand is that anger is a secondary emotion. You will most likely need to explore what you are really feeling, which for most people will be fear, jealousy, anxiety, or depression in certain circumstances or phases of your life that trigger the anger response.

The advice I give to my patients is to stop watching politically charged television and violent movies / programs, decrease or eliminate the use of alcohol / drugs, eat fresh foods, and get regular exercise. If this doesn’t work, you likely need to seek individual counseling, and in some cases may need to be on medication to treat an underlying anxiety or mood condition.

Lastly, keep looking for new ways to stay in shape physically and emotionally, and a general sense of well being will follow!

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